Friday, September 24, 2010

I found this back in August. As far as I can tell, it was original work, but there is no way to verify it's authenticity as African records aren't exactly the best. This is long, but worth reading.


Hey guys, I've got a story I've been keeping in for a while, after i got back, i haven't really known what to do with myself but mope around and browse /b/. So i guess im gonna tell you guys this, its pretty fucking sick. As in sick, i mean fuck niggers.

Last summer i visited Abuja ,the capital of Nigeria,with my girlfriend of 4 years. We had just finished college together and decided to take a celebration trip.

When we got there we stayed in a moderately crummy apartment(we were still pretty broke from the student loans.) We didnt mind the conditions. In the beginning we had a blast, taking photos of the natives, eating the food, enjoying life in the sun. On our 4th day there we started to notice more people hanging around the apartment complex we were staying in. A lot of young males. each day we noticed them getting a little bit pushier towards us, getting more daring, insulting us, spitting at us.

We stopped going out at night. We agreed that those boys might get too full of themselves ,out of the public eye, and actually hurt us.

On the 7th day there, we were coming back from touring the city around dusk, we noticed the boys group had grown more, as we were walking the stairs to our second floor rented apartment we saw the boys were following us. We started walking a bit quicker. As we reached our landing, we speed-walked over to the room, and my girlfriend who had the keys started unlocking the door. We could hear the boys climbing the stairs quickly, we could hear them talking excitedly. My girlfriend finally got the door open and rushed inside i started to follow, but it was too late, the boys had reached the landing and one wearing an all green jumpsuit lunged at me. He knocked me over and the others swarmed around me. I was helpless, i started to kick and yell and shout, my girlfriend started to scream, then something hit me on the head and everything went black.

When i awoke i found myself in a bathroom, tied to the pipes under the sink with some shirts. I looked around and could make out the shape of our toiletry kit. This meant it was the bathroom of our apartment. Everything was dark, which probably meant it was night. I could hear the boys in the other room speaking in their language, speaking giddily. I heard groans, groans of a female voice. My heart started to sink. I started to shake, and tears streamed down my face. My girlfriend. I tried to yell, i thrashed around wildly, they had stuffed my mouth and tied a shirt around my face from the nose down. Breathing wasn't easy. One of the boys must have heard me and came over into the room. I could tell by the shape of his legs that he had no pants on. He laughed at me. Spit on me. I sat there in a cramped position, tied to a sink by some shirts. I tried jerk in different directions to see if the shirts would give. They didn't. The bathroom was small and my legs reached the wall. I thought maybe i could make enough noise by kicking the wall to wake the neighbors who would come save us. I was wrong. They had tied my legs together, but not at the knees, so i could bend them and kick the wall. I started doing this. I started to kick with all my might. Straining my ears to hear the sound of alarmed neighbors. Nothing. The only thing i heard next was a shuffling sound getting nearer and then something hit my head really hard. Everything went black.

When i woke again the moans of my girlfriend had stopped. I took this as a good sign. No sound of the boys. I started to go to work at jerking my weight around to see if the shirts would give any leeway. I managed to twist myself in a (painful) position in which i could slip an arm out from the shirts. After i did so, i set to work on the rest of my tied up limbs. I called faintly to my girlfriend so as not to bring the wrath of the boys( in case they were still there). No response. I called again. Nothing.
My head was splitting, the pain literally throbbing in my eyes. I ignored it.
Finally i got my legs untied and crept into the main room. (The apartment had two rooms, main room with bed, and bathroom. )
The horror filling my eyes was almost unimaginable. Bile rose in my throat and i let it out.
There on the bed was my sweet, sweet girlfriend. She lay spread eagled, with an open mouth. Dried blood caked her face. Her nose was in an odd position. Her mouth spread open in an unending silent scream. Inside her mouth was balled up cloth, caked in blood. Her breasts and stomach were riddled with thin cuts. Dried blood and semen caked her entire body. The absolute worst part was her vagina. The vagina that two nights previous id gone down on. The vagina that had housed my member for the last four years.
A gaping hole met me now, dried blood and semen protruding. Anger filled me. Anger and strife and the darkest thoughts started filling my head. I turned away and retched some more. I turned back, checked her pulse, knowing I'd find nothing. It was dead. She was dead. My girlfriend of four years. My baby. The love of my life. Gone, thanks to these niggers. These dirty disease riddled niggers. Good for nothing. Low life piece of shit.


I was gonna find a phone, get the police, find these sons of bitches, and get home.

All our belongings were gone. I staggered outside and was met with cold stares. I called for help, screamed, beat the walls wildly. None of these god forsaken niggers even batted an eye. All these neighbors who had days previous smiled kindly towards us looked at me now without an inkling of pity.

If that's how it was going to be. So be it.
I ran a couple blocks till i found a phone, dialed the police, went back to the apartment, explained what i think had happened and began balling my eyes out again.

Those niggers raped my lover, and would pay.
I went to a ATM, got as much money as i could withdraw, bought a crappy 4 inch knife, found a taxi that was willing to drive me around, and set out to find those boys. I remembered the faces of a couple, the ones that were the rowdiest. I found a group with many of them. I saw the green jumpsuit nigger, wearing the same fucking clothes and knew i had to do this.

I had the taxicab wait for me and began following the group. After a couple blocks the group turned down an alleyway. I followed. I waited till they were about halfway between one block and the next when i struck. I picked up a garbage can lid and used it as protection and a weapon.
I ran at them throwing myself into the back of one of the boys. The knife sliced into his shoulder blades, i wrenched it free and let him fall. The boys had turned and one other had been knocked over by my lunge. They surged towards me. I slashed out blindly using the garbage can lid as a shield, a shield against bodies. I felt the knife make contact repeatedly. Screams of boys fed my rage, i was a bloodthirsty beast. Then something hit my arm and the knife fell. The adrenaline pumping i swung my shield in an arc and it slammed into the face of a boy in front of me. I heard the crunch. The crunch of metal on bone. The cry pierced the alleyway, louder than any of the other bleeding boys. I flailed wildly for the knife, but as i scooped it up i felt a blow to my head, then my gut, then my balls. The pain was immense but the thought of my desecrated girlfriend kept me going. I brought the knife in an upward motion and it met with the stomach of guess who. Green jumpsuit. I looked into his eyes as i pulled the knife out. Bulging in disbelief, horror, fear. Good. Let him feel my pain. I looked up and the remaining three boys had backed off, getting ready to run.

I didn't hesitate, i leapt up with all my force and struck the nearest boy. Blood spurted out of his mouth and singed my chest. Hot human blood. Nigger blood. Fuck him. I ripped the knife clean and kicked him in the knees. He fell. The other two boys turned and ran, yelling about the white man who had attacked them. I knew i had little time. I surveyed the scene. Six niggers bleeding on the ground. I knew a couple had to be dead. I plunged my knife repeatedly into those i saw were still breathing. I kicked the balls of Green jumpsuit until i noticed they were mashed and leaking. I dropped the knife and ran, ran with the adrenaline still flooding my system. I found the cab a few streets later, still waiting.
When he saw me he made to leave but i assured him i'd give him tipple if he just took me to a public restroom. He did, after he dropped me off i payed him quadruple, and ran over to the restroom. I payed the clerk and went inside. I cleaned up and washed as much blood off my clothes as i could.

I bought some clothes from a cheap store, ate some crappy vendor food, went to the airport, bought a ticket under the pretense that i had been robbed and had no I.D- Along with a bribe.

After i got back here to America i found a small apartment and have been living here ever since,

I have told no one. I work at a local Arbys.

I have no friends. I have alienated myself from everyone and everything. My family knows about what happened to my girlfriend, but they don't know about my revenge.

No one knows.

Until now.

Good day /b/.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brothers in the Fight to Spread the Word

A noble man at and I have joined forces to help spread the word through the power of free information. I encourage you to view his blog, comment, and voice your opinions.

Daily Star

This was posted on the website of the British tabloid the Daily Star:-

"Teen sensation Justin Bieber is reported to have criticised Islam, a CBS reporter told us today.
"Why can't Islam be accepting of other people, like Christianity and Judaism?"

The news comes amid fears that Bieber's previous openly religious tendencies will provoke some sort of reaction from extremist Muslim groups."

The Canadian born teen sensation went on to state that he often becomes worried of possible bombings or hostage situations on his tours.
"You can never be too safe", he notes, "There are some crazy people out there with a lot of anger in their hearts."

"Justin Bieber Bashes Islam" in Google Trends!

Help spread the word, go to and just leave it open to get more people informed of this blasphemy!

"Christianity and Judaism are much more peaceful and accepting than Islam"

I can't believe that Justin Bieber has insulted Islam! If the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were here he'd know what to do. Behead Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber has bashed Islam and must pay. What did he do you ask? He threw a water bottle which hit a young muslim fan in the face. Clearly he is representative of the great satan and as Justin Bieber has insulted Islam I suggest that we let the world know!